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We make importing a breeze

We handle all of your importing requirements, so you can have total peace of mind. We can take care of the Clearance, duties, Chinese label approval and etc.

This is all part of the service from Leisure Wines.

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Easy imports into china!

Leisure Wines can handle all of your export/ import needs. We offer our customers our wine in three ways:

  • FOB Australia
  • FOB Hong Kong
  • CIF and Duty China
  • We are able to import the wines on your behalf if required. This is all part of our service for our customers.

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    Customs Clearance Into China

    All wine imported into china is subject to Duty and customs clearance. We are experienced in this flied and are able to assist our customers with this.

    Normally when a customer asks us to handle the customs clearance and duty, we have the Chinese Label pre-aproved by customs before it is even printed.

    Screw TopCorks

    To Cork or Screw?

    The choice is yours, However we highly recommend Screw tops. All of our wines come with Screw top as standard, But we are able to use Corks if our clients require.

    What is the difference?

    Both Corks and screw top have different benefits. For example, with a screw top you can eliminate the chance of a cork taint and one of the benefits with corks is the greater market acceptance. Overall when comparing Cork vs Screw the Screw top has many more benefits then it's partner the cork

    New South Wales!!

    There's no place like it!! Visit NSW.



    You will love every piece of it!! Visit Victoria.



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    Beautiful one day, Perfect the next!.


    South Australia!!

    South Australia, A brilliant blend.